The Samuel L. Jackson Method

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Right now, as you are reading this, Samuel L. Jackson is on a yacht in the Mediterranean, perhaps standing on the fantail, whacking golf balls into the deep, deep blue. “The golf balls are fish food, so they’re environmentally correct,” he said a few weeks ago, reassuringly. “And they fly great.”Read More

Jeannette Walls Settles Down Far From the Noise of New York

ORANGE, Va. — Early in the “The Glass Castle,” the movie based on Jeannette Walls’s memoir of growing up destitute, Rex Walls sidles up to his little girl, who lies burned and bandaged in a hospital bed. “Hey, Mountain Goat, it’s time to skedaddle,” he says, before swaddling her in blankets and hustling her pastRead More

Let’s All Cringe Over Chris Rock’s Awful Advice For Michelle Obama

If anything, Chris Rock knows how to leave an impression. On Tuesday’s “Tonight Show,” the comedian remembered attending a final party at the White House for the Obamas. “At one point, it’s me and Michelle Obama just talking. I’m not really supposed to be alone with Michelle Obama,” joked Rock. As the comedian recalled it, “Michelle Obama’s like,Read More

Finally, The Trailer For ‘The Dark Tower’ Is Here

After 10 years of development, “The Dark Tower” is at least headed to the big screen. The first trailer previews a stormy adaptation of Stephen King’s series about an 11-year-old adventurer (Tom Taylor) whisked to another dimension, where he becomes involves in a plot to save the world. Idris Elba plays the Gunslinger, who isRead More

Designer Carolina Herrera’s Nephew Killed In Kidnapping

The 34-year-old nephew of fashion designer Carolina Herrera was found dead in a truck in Venezuela in a tragic kidnapping. The bodies of Reinaldo Jose Herrera and business associate, 31-year-old Fabrizio Mendoza, were discovered Thursday in the back of a pickup truck parked on a road outside Caracas. Both men had been kidnapped while dining togetherRead More

Ariel Winter Calls Out Press For Missing The Point Of Her Recent Interview

Ariel Winter would like to clarify some things for the press. On Wednesday, Refinery29 published an interview with the “Modern Family” actress, in which she talks openly about her journey to self-love and acceptance. However, various press outlets chose to focus on Winter’s comments about her relationship with with 29-year-old Levi Meadon, saying she wasRead More

Jake Owen to Headline Pandora’s Free Nashville Concert

Jake Owen, Old Dominion and RaeLynn will perform a free live concert just ahead of this year’s CMA Music Festival and the CMT Music Awards. Hosted by streaming-music service Pandora, the third annual Sounds Like Country concert will take place Tuesday, June 6th, at Nashville’s Marathon Music Works. Exclusive photos also include newcomer Brent CobbRead More